How to select a folder format?

Tru is a free photo/video organize assistant that helps you to keep your memories organized in one place.

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Tru organizes your photos and videos in the following folder formats:

  • YYYY-MMM (2017-Jan)
  • YYYYY-MMM-DD (2017-Jan-23)
  • YYYY-MM (2017-01)

In the Windows version, you can change it from the 'Settings' page and in the Mac version, you can change it at the time when you select a destination directory.

For Windows:

1. Click on 'Settings' link in the top-right corner of the screen. A window opens up where you can select the desired folder format. Click 'Save' button and you are good to go. Refer the image below. 

2. The moment you change the default settings, a 'Save' button appears at the end of the app window. Click it to save your settings.