6 Quick Steps to Organize Digital Photos

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Organizing digital photos may sound simple but it's harder than you have thought. Of course, there is some variety in how people approach this rather large job but here are the quick and simple steps to go through when organizing digital photos.

  1. Download pictures from all your devices.
  2. Put in one temporary folder (name it whatever you want. For e.g. 'to be organized') and create a copy of this folder on another hard drive or any other place. Just to be sure that all the photos (stored in here) are backed up somewhere.
  3. Delete all bad, overexposed or underexposed photos
  4. Do a quick sort on categories. That is, sort them (if possible) into events, occasions etc.
  5. Sort again and work on photos in more detail (Crop, edit, and Name).
  6. Share your photos with others.