Digital Photo Organizing: Getting Started

Tru is a free photo/video organize assistant that helps you to keep your memories organized in one place.

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We are living in the digital age where access to a camera is very easy. We have a camera on our phone, our tablet devices, and not to forget those pocket-friendly points and shoot cameras and DSLRs. We take loads of pictures, be it selfies, group photos, candid shots or anything else. Our pictures are stored in SD cards, memory sticks, DVDs, old cell phones etc. We often neglect the fact that these digital photos will get into a digital mess if we do not sort the clutter they create. Ever wondered, how many photos do you have? Or where have you stored them? Will you be able to find and locate an image in the clutter? If you can not answer these questions, you should start organizing your digital photos NOW!

  • The first step towards digital photo organization is to delete overexposed or underexposed blurry photos then and there. Be it a smartphone, or a digital camera, if the photo is unclear or not good at all, delete it immediately.
  • The next step is to get all your digital photos from all our devices into one place. So, this becomes your hub where you download all the images from your camera, DSLRs, tablet devices, Mobile phones, SD cards and memory sticks. 
  • Digital photos are easy to organize as compared to print photos. You can set up a photo organizer tool that can automatically organize your photos (from all your devices) into a consistent YYYY-MMM format. Later, you can create subfolders for any event, holiday or vacation in those month folders.