Digital Photo Storage and Organization Tips

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In the digital age that we are in right now, there are so many important and not so important moments which are captured by the convenience of our smartphones. We create heaps of photos and organizing them becomes a mess and may seem never ending. The best way to tackle and conquer is to create a mechanism to store and organize photos and follow it strictly.

Below are some quick tips to help you keep on top of your photo storage and organization:

  • Download your photos on regular basis: Set aside some time each month to download photos from all your devices (camera, smartphone, your spouse's phone etc.) into a designated folder on your computer.
  • Review. Review the photos you've downloaded on screen. Delete all poor-quality photos. Keep only the best shots and delete all unwanted pictures.
  • Photo Management : Download and install a photo management tool / software or application that sorts through your collection, delete duplicates and organize them in month / year folders so all your photos are systematically put into different folders.
  • If you are planning to organize your photos manually, then create folders to organize your photos either chronologically or by the name of the event they were taken at.
  • Backup. Use at least two of the following methods: i.e an external drive, an online storage service or prints.