How to Keep Photos Prints Protected for Storage?

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Time has changed dramatically in terms of how we clicked, stored and shared photos that we take. Today, a majority of pictures are shot either with a mobile phone or digital cameras. There are actually very few people who get them printed or frame them. If you are one of those people who love to print digital photos to display in a frame or preserve family photos, then following tips would definitely help you keep your photos protected for storage. 

  • Photo Boxes : Photo boxes are specially designed to protect your photos while in storage. Storing them in old shoe boxes or envelopes instead will be a bad idea. These boxes, as well as envelopes, may contain chemicals which may harm your photographs in a long run. If you are placing loose photos in a box, always stick a piece of archival paper between the photos to prevent them from sticking together.
  • Photo Albums : If you are considering storing your photos in Photo albums, make sure they are made with materials that pass an ANSI IT 9.16 Photographic Activity Test (PAT). Keeping your photos in albums with sticky or magnetic pages will harm your photos at a later stage. The chemicals in such albums may fade the photographs over time. Also, do not put tape on the back of photos to put in the photo album as this could also tear the photograph.
  • Film Negatives : Film negatives and slides must be stored in archival safe storage boxes. Or else you may permanently damage your photos.