How to Organize Photo Files and Folders?

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If you are an avid photographer or the one who likes to click with your smartphone or DSLR camera, you probably have years of digital photos stored in your computer system/external hard drives or probably the cloud storage. When it comes to organizing them, it is probably too much to tackle all at once.

Before you begin organizing photos/folders, you should first think about how organized do you want to keep your photos? We would suggest you to designate one folder in which you keep all your photographs. Because it's easier to find something in a specific location than to keep looking for it everywhere.

Keep one thing in mind, your computer is a digital house where all your digital files (photos, videos, music, and other files) live. It's exactly like our house, where finding something is easy when we know what room it's in.

The need to organize photos grows in proportion to the number of photographs you add to your collection. Soon a few hundred photographs will pile up into few thousands and it will become a huge mess before it grows to tens of thousands. 

Because the need for organization grows, it is better to start off more organized than you think you need to be. Think about, Whether you want them in an event folder, date folder or month folder. A folder structure will keep you organized from the beginning.

Organize Photo Files and Folders

Here are some tips for better organizing your photos:

  • Use the folders to help you find your photographs. An effective folder structure can make finding a photo much easier.
  • A date-based structure works best when it comes to basic organization. But yes, if you specialize in the particular genre then you should make a structure that works best for you. For example, a landscape photographer may organize photos in folders clicked at a location and a wedding photographer may organize photos in folders named on couples.
  • If you plan to organize photos on date-based structure then begin with a folder for each year at the root level. Then, under each year, create sub-folders for the months.
  • Or you may also use automated application/tools/software aimed to bring all your photos into one single folder and organized them in MONTH/YEAR folders so all your photos are systematically put into different folders based on the month-year they were clicked.