How to Organize Thousands of Photos?

Tru is a free photo/video organize assistant that helps you to keep your memories organized in one place.

Trusted by users in 130+ countries.

Digital photography in today's world is going high and high as every other person has a camera in their pocket & pictures are now instantly accessible and shareable. The only thing is that we all will never want to lose all these memories we have as a part of our best moments in the form of photos. Hence it is always preferable for us to have a backup of all the photos & videos. And the addition point to it is in an organized manner. If these photos are organized then it becomes more easy for us to go back and enjoy those moments again.
Tru is a simplest & fastest way to bring your photos together from different folders and drives into a single place & organize them all in a simple fashion. It also helps you to organize all the photos backup in a chronological manner i.e. date based folders (eg. Jan 2017). Here are the step by step process which will help you to understand how to organize 1000+ photos using TruOrganizer:
  1. Select your 'Source' folder where all your photos are present.
  2. Assign a 'Destination' folder where all the organized photos should be placed.

Now sit back a relax, rest all the work will be done by Tru. It will bring all your photos into one single folder, de-dupe them and organize them in MONTH/YEAR folders so all your photos are systematically put into different folders based on the month-year they were clicked. You simply connect all the folders where your photos are and Tru does the rest.