How to organize your kid's photos like a pro?

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We often find it real hard to sort through our photo collection. What's more difficult is to organize them and find something specific from the clutter. However, have you ever wondered how a professional photographer organizes his photo projects so easily and effortlessly? It is simply because they follow a schedule and a process that makes it pretty simple and manageable. Here's how a professional photographer organizes his collection:

  1. It is good if you take pictures with a time stamp. Sorting 100's and 1000's of the picture becomes easy. After you are done for the day, the first step is to transfer all your photos from your camera's memory card (or your phone) to a folder on your computer.
  2. When you transfer your photos, label your folder appropriately. For example, if you took the photos at the 1st monthesary of your daughter, (say Ann), the folder might be 'Ann's 1st Monthesary', you can be more specific and add the date if you want. For example 'Ann's 1st Monthesary 20150121 (yyyymmdd).
  3. The best way to organize your photos is through the delete button, confused? Well, at this point thoroughly go through your photos and delete any that you don't like. Probably the ones where your kid's eyes are closed, face blurred, etc. This will help you save a lot of digital space. And quality is always better than quantity.
  4. Move the folder into a folder for that month. So, in this case, the folder will go in January 2015.
  5. The best way is to keep the current month's folder on your desktop for easy navigation. You can then easily move photos into that folder as you take them in the month.
  6. When the month is over, move the folder into the yearly folder, which is 2015.

This simple and easy process will not only help you organize your digital life but will also cut back on the amount or the number of photos that you store. Taking the time to capture a moment in time is easy but it all may waste if you do not organize & store them correctly. So, take that extra effort to organize and store your photos. Your kids will thank you for all the hard work you do.