How to Sort Digital Photos by Date?

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We are all living in a digital globe. People can easily click selfies, photos & snaps wherever they want. Hence, these photos are like a memorable moment lived and we always will love to save these precious moments. So, here is the best way to store & organize your digital photos. You can easily sort your photos by date taken or by any events into folders.

Sort Digital Photos by Date

  • Using Some Software: You can use a software which will help you to organize your digital photos by sorting them according to the date.
  • Organizing Photos Manually: You can maintain an envelope or a box for this. Gather all the photos in one place and then arrange them according to occasions, themes, events etc. And then maintain a box/envelope as per the theme & add photos to its whenever you want.

You can try using Tru. Tru is aimed to do just one thing - bring all your photos into one single folder, de-dupe them and organize them in MONTH/YEAR folders so all your photos are systematically put into different folders based on the month-year they were clicked. You simply connect all the folders where your photos are and Tru does the rest.