Photo Organization Tip 1 : Get All Your Photos in One Place

Tru is a free photo/video organize assistant that helps you to keep your memories organized in one place.

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The digital age has simply exacerbated the traditional 'boxes of photos in the loft' problem. Because of which we all are struggling to manage the tens of thousand of photos taken over the years. You probably have photos buried in your emails. Scattered across your phone, tablet, and computer. Scattered across the web. The first and the most important step towards organizing your digital photos is to dedicate just one folder to store all your photos. This should be the only place where all your photos from all your devices i.e. mobile phone, tablets, cameras, SD cards are stored. After you have gathered all your photos into this folder, use a photo organizer like Tru to de-dupe them and organize them in MONTH/YEAR folders so all your photos are systematically put into different folders based on the month-year they were clicked.

Once all your photos are organized properly on your computer, you can then use the automatic photo uploader to back them up onto your cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or to any other photo sharing service like Flickr, Google Photos, SmugMug etc.