Photo Organization Tip 2 : Use a Folder and File Naming Structure That Makes Sense

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To get full control over your ever-growing photo collection, whether just for you or if they're shared photos, you'll need a system and a structure to organize them. To be at the top of your photo organizing goals, you need to be regular at it.

The best way ( in our opinion) to organize photos is to organize them by year, then monthly sub-folder YYYY-MM or MONTH/YEAR, and then special occasion sub-folders within the month, separating original photos from edited ones. However, you may use any organization system that makes sense to you and what you are comfortable with. Whatever you do, just like you need to have a system for organizing your other digital and non-digital files, make it as easy as possible for your future self to find the pictures you're looking for. And don't forget to backup your photos to a cloud account or to a photo sharing service like Flickr, SmugMug. Google Photos etc.