Photo Organization Tip 3 : Photo Albums

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Photo albums are a perfect way to organize and make your photos prints easily accessible. If you are good at making scrapbooks, that will be one of the best ways to organize and store your photo prints. But if you aren't the type of person that would look forward to scrapbooking, then a photo album is the perfect solution for you. The nice thing about the photo album is that, since you aren't designing each page yourself, it's super quick and easy to just slip your photos into the designated slots. Once your photos are printed, you can quickly make several albums in 1-2 nights. All you have to decide is the photo order and the size you want. Plus, there are lots of cute designs and sizes to choose from.

It's not that hard to organize and store photo prints. It just takes a little bit of purposeful planning (and maybe a few hours of getting your current photos into the right files) and you can breathe a sigh of photo contentment.

Happy organizing!