Photo Organizing Truths you Should Know and Be Aware Off

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Organizing your photos, print or digital, may look exciting and simple. But, it may be a daunting experience when it comes to actually sorting & organizing 100s and 1000s of print and digital photos. Before you jump in the pool of your entire photo collection, here are some bitter truths about photo organization you must know.

  • This is not the easiest organizing project.
  • These steps are most likely not done in one sitting, this, of course, depends on the amount of photos you have. If you have years of digital photos to go through slow and easy does it. A commitment of say 3 hours a week will keep you moving forward.
  • Regular digital photo sorting time is recommended it is one of these great winter organizing projects, set a time and date and stick to this.
  • It is also recommended to organize your photos straight after a holiday, or a big event like a wedding and added bonus is that you get to enjoy all the newly created memories this time around.