The Basics of Photo Management System

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Photo management is the process of handling photos in such a way that it can be easily shared, organized and stored efficiently and appropriately. The main focus of your photo management is the organization and storage of the digital photos. The photo management process should be able to store photos in an organized and secure way that still allows photos to be found easily.

Photo management/ organizing software, however, is designed to improve your handling of digital photos. The basic of photo management is to set up a photo management system. It basically involves three steps;

  • Creating a Photo Management plan
  • Implementing the Photo Management Plan
  • And following through

The first step, creating the plan, involves answering these four key questions:

  1. What are the rules for organizing photos?
    If your photo organization process involves different people collaborating on, reviewing or updating your digital photo collection, Then you must set out some rules so that everyone is on the same page and follows the same process. Doing so will help you de-clutter your digital photos.
  2. How will we store Photos?
    The motive here is to keep your photos organized, which means they need to be stored properly. The key to good photo organization is to follow good file management practices. 
  3. How can retrieving photos be simplified?
    This question is the heart of your photo management system. Once again, good filing practices can go a long way towards solving the digital photo clutter problem. If you do things such as consistently follow the photo organizing process outlined in the above steps, photos will be much easier to find. 
  4. How to keep photos secure and safely backed up?
    One last thing you need to do after you get everything onto your computer and organized is to be sure they are backed up. Backup your photos to at least two to three places, because you do not want to lose these precious photographs. Probably a combination of cloud storage, hard drive storage etc. Also, make one copy of this 'digital clutter' and keep it offsite.