Tips to Organise Your Photo Prints

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People barely pay attention to getting prints of photos made these days because of the ease of having and storing digital photos in computers. There was a time when photo films, negatives and prints were common household terms.

But people don't realize that having prints of photos even today is not a bad idea. It will take up a lot of time and space but it can work as a great backup for your digital photos. But do not print photos in a home printer, instead get it done from a proper photo printing store or an online service.

And once you have your prints with you, get down to organizing them in a proper way.

  1. Buy some large sets of photo albums and boxes. This will make it easy to organize your photos over the years.
  2. Go over photos after you receive them and start sorting. Record an identifying description, such as the date or who's in the photo, and write down all these details on the back of every photo.
  3. Be careful of what you use to write on the back of the photo. Write with a light touch so that nothing gets engraved on the photo, and use an acid-free, photo-safe pencil or pen.
  4. Don't keep ALL your photos. Only keep the ones that are good and discard bad exposures, blurry shots, or bloopers you won't look at again.
  5. Select your favorites ones and put them in an album or frame right away. Get boxes made for your albums (preferably plastic ones) and organize them according to date, month, year or event. You can also organize photos in different boxes or albums for different family members and label it that way.