Top 4 Rules For Digital Photo Organization

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If you want to get control over your digital photos, the very first step towards streamlining your photo organizing process is to gather every single digital photo at one place. For your digital photos, that one place is a computer which has enough space to store all your digital photos. Initially, you need to be on a mission to get all your digital photos (floating on your computer, phone, camera, and all the other devices) together on one machine.

4 Rules for Digital Photo Organization

  1. Get Your Digital Photos Together: When you want to get control of your digital photos, the essential first step is to gather everything into one place.
  2. Get Your Digital Photos Off Your Phone: One of the most important places to gather your photos from is your phone because, face it, it's probably your primary camera these days. There are people who don't backup or download their photos from their phone. What happens if you lose it or drop it in the pool? Those precious pictures are gone forever!
  3. Organize Your Photos: Use a photo organizer tool to organize your photos in a consistent YYYY-MMM folder format. Once your photos are organized chronologically, you can then add description and tags for searchability. Label digital files based on what makes sense to you, so that you can easily find a photo when needed.
  4. Backup Your Digital Photos: One last thing you need to do after you get everything onto your computer is to be sure your computer is backed up. Backup your photos to at least two to three places, because you do not want to lose these precious photographs. Probably a combination of cloud storage, hard drive storage etc. Also, make one copy of your 'digital clutter' of your photos and keep it offsite.